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5025 Old Highway 100 Washington, Missouri 63090


Telephone 1-84-GOTBACON


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Todd and Katie Geisert are excited to announce the location of the future Farm to You Market and Distribution Center as 5025 Old Hwy 100 in Washington, Missouri.


Farm to You, LLC mission is

To provide the highest quality regionally produced agriculture products

By supporting sustainable family farming and agribusiness

Whom commit to produce their products ethically and naturally

Therefore, bridging the gap between the farm and the plate


It is anticipated that the Market will open in the Spring of 2016 and will mark the 100th anniversary of Geisert Farms in Washington, Missouri.


Keeping with the philosophy of Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle, the Geisert’s have

chosen an existing factory located ½ mile from the farm. Ten thousand square feet of this

property will be transformed into a retail store, commercial kitchen, café and distribution

center which will feature regional agricultural products produced in a sustainable manor.

Meats will be produced without added growth hormones and antibiotics, while raising the

livestock in a pasture environment, with access to sunshine and fresh air.


The market will also feature a variety of agricultural products including grains, spices,

dried and canned goods along with produce in season. Agricultural producers interested in

providing to Farm to You are encourage to contact the office at 1-84-Got Bacon. The café will

feature cooked products ready to take and eat with space to dine on the property.

Continuing the effort of Todd Geisert Farms, Farm to You Market will showcase regional

farmers whom produce spectacular products in a sustainable fashion, supporting the growth of

the family farm. Look for Farm to You Market opening in the Spring 2016.