March Farm Dinner Recap

Our team at Farm To You Market hosted another Farm To Table dinner at the Barnyard Café inside the market. This time, the dinner fell on the last day of the month. Once again, we hosted a full house and I am grateful for all of the rave reviews for the food and the team!


This complex, four-course (plus appetizer), meal was made with ingredients that can be found here in the Market. Each recipe was crafted from scratch, tested here in our kitchen and sampled by our team.  Each course was thoughtfully paired with drinks that ranged from a gin and ginger ale cocktail to wine and beer.

This month we featured local “Yard Bird” in ways that ranged from the traditional chicken breast and turkey andouille to salt-cured duck eggs. “Yard Bird” is what Farmer Todd calls the poultry we sell. The Asian-inspired meal was a favorite of mine because growing up where I did in Alaska, I grew up around different Asian cuisines and cultures. I was able to put myself into the menu (more than usual) and come up with something that was also very ‘Missouri’.

Something else unique about this menu as well is that going fully with the ‘Farm to Table’ theme, I brought in whole chickens from Good Ole Days Farm to break down into usable parts and from the carcass that made the broth for the soup, the leg and thighs that were used in the salad, to the breasts that were used in the entrée – I was able to use every bit of the chicken in this particular dinner. To me, that’s exciting. (Note: otherwise, I would have frozen parts I didn’t use for the dinner and used them later for something else)

Photo Mar 31, 6 38 26 PM (1)

As usual, we started the night with a passed appetizer: a turkey dumping with hints of orange, sesame and ginger that was eaten with a house-made Japanese-style ‘sake-soy’ sauce made with local vodka instead of sake since we do not have that locally. When guests arrived, they were given a cocktail that featured Regatta Bay Gin, Cock and Bull ginger beer, fresh lime and club soda. It seemed to be a hit!

Guests enjoyed meeting each other and shopping in the market.  At 7pm everyone took their seats.  As you can see in the photos, this is a unique dinner experience.  Strangers become friends at the family-style table!

Photo Mar 31, 6 45 35 PM

The first course was my take on chicken noodle soup.  This classic ramen bowl featured a rich roasted chicken broth, Buttonwood Farm turkey andouille, sautéed Babb’s Farm spinach, house-made kimchi and a sous vide ramen egg. The kimchi is special because we used all local ingredients to make the sauce. In the summer, we dried lots of local hot peppers that we used for the kimchi ‘sauce’ that really gave it a kick! The sous vide eggs we experimented with to get a great creamy textured yolk, which, took some effort! We learned a lot about how to cook eggs that week. We paired this with Logboat Brewing Company’s Shiphead beer – which was a hit! We thought this would pair great with its ginger, lemon zest and coriander flavors.


Our second course was a green salad with spicy pulled chicken.  It featured Babb’s Farm salad greens, Kazuko’s hand-crafted teriyaki turned vinaigrette, Vietnamese-style quick pickled local daikon radish and carrots, spicy pulled chicken (tossed with Sriracha Grenada, soy sauce, and a spicy chili paste called sambal oelek) and a house-made black sesame cracker.  We paired it with Adam Puchta Vineyard’s Vidal Blanc.

Photo Mar 31, 7 38 36 PM

Next up was the main course: pan-seared airline chicken breast, Earth Angel King Trumpet mushroom fried rice with McKaskle Farm long grain white rice, roasted local broccoli, grated salt-cured Moonshine Valley duck egg yolk, Farmboy Gardens micro-radish greens and crispy Buttonwood Farms turkey skin.  The dry wine of choice for this course was the Noboleis Vineyards Dry Vignoles.


For dessert, and the perfect end to a perfect night, we served sorbet and sugar cookie.  It featured Giofre Apiaries’ honey strawberry sorbet, a matcha sugar cookie that we experimented on making numerous times, crystalized ginger and whipped cream.  Our final pairing was Katie Geisert’s current favorite wine – Blumenhof Winery’s Devil’s Den Red.


The dining room offered rave reviews of the food.  We had several birthday celebrations in the house, and they enjoyed a special night out.  Others, enjoyed a fantastic meal out with friends and family.  Enjoy a look at some photos from the night—my team did great!

We will be hosting another Farm to Table Dinner on April 14th at 6:30pm.  Make your reservations soon—before it sells out!  We’ve only got a couple seats left! Click here to see the event online and for additional information.  Please come out and join us.  The menu I’ve put together this month features ‘a taste of the market’ with different proteins mixed throughout, I think you’ll love it. There is a price change for this dinner, so be sure to check that out. In addition, we thought it would be fun to feature cocktails and beers for the pairings. Make your reservations now – space is limited!  Hope to see you there.


As always, I welcome your comments.  If you were at the March dinner – tell us what you thought and come again!  We can’t wait to see you.


All the best, Chef Bailey Kirkland

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